Burney Creek Hydroelectric Project


The Burney Creek project is located on Burney Creek upstream from the town of Burney in eastern Shasta County, California. The project consists of a 3.0 MW capacity powerhouse at the end of a 21,600 foot long penstock. Hydraulic capacity is 80 cfs and the gross head is 650 feet. The water is diverted into the penstock at an intake structure at the edge of Burney Creek. No weir is used to divert project water to the intake structure.

The turbine-generator is a horizontal shaft impulse turbine with a synchronous generator. Transmission to a third party substation is via a 2.25 mile long 12kV transmission line.

Operation began in March 1990. The owner is Snow Mountain Hydro LLC, in which Ida-West Energy Company owns, indirectly, a 50 percent interest. Operation and maintenance is performed by Ida-West Operating Services, Inc.



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